Help me hike

As the hike has been getting closer, people have asked about how they can help with the hike.

The big $

Most of what occupies my brain and my time right now is the big dollar question.  How much money does it take to do a thru hike?  The answer is different for everybody – generally between $5,000-10,000 including gear, food, phone bills, insurance, etc.

What I know is that I have saved enough money in the past year to hike the trail conservatively.  This doesn’t allow for many hot showers, milkshakes, injuries or gear catastrophes.  But I will get to Canada with it.

If you would like to donate a milkshake or a shower or a new pair of wool socks, I would so greatly appreciate it.

Examples of what your donation could buy me on the trail:

$5 – a milkshake! or beer!

$15 – a new, fresh, and clean pair of wool socks

$30 – a shower, laundry and bed in town

$50 – my cellphone bill for a month to keep this blog up and running

$100 – a brand new pair of shoes (I will wear through at least 5!)

Donate Button with Credit Cards

Care Packages and Cards

I equally love food and letters! I will be picking up packages with food and gear resupply all along the trail – and it’s super cool if you want to mail me something!  In fact, it will probably make my whole week!  There are a few catches..

First catch, everything that is sent has to be either immediately consumable in town (I love cookies..) or immediately enjoyed in town (letters and cards).  Or it has to be something that I can carry and eat along the way.

Because the things that I’ll be eating along the way are so specific, I have made a list of foods that I would love to have along the trail but are not in my budget – they would be a great surprise in any resupply box!

The list:

Salmon Jerky!

Any Portland classic like kale chips or other nutritious lightweight deliciousness

Probar brand granola bars (of any flavor!)

Larabar brand granola bars (of any flavor!)

Pre-dehydrated backpacking meals from MaryJanesFarm Organic or another similar company

Fun packaged sweets – I’ll be sending myself some snickers and other classics, but I would love to try your favorite candy bar for variety

The last catch is that I will be in a different town every few days, and each town has specific shipping requirements and complications.  To make all of this much less involved for you and me – I’m asking that everything get sent to my parents (who are generously coordinating my resupply packages) so they can send everything at once.  That way they can make sure it gets to me at the right time and I know to look for it at the post office!

The address:

Kelsey Bowen
PO Box 385 
Freeland WA 98249


Thank You!!!


4 responses to “Help me hike

  1. Hi Kelsey,

    How about a trail angel when you get to the Donner Summit, CA area? Hot shower, soft bed, real food. Sound good? Best of luck to you. Be safe and have a great hike!

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