Checking In

Hey there!

I just wanted to check in quickly because I haven’t been able to post much.  Right now I’m at a good friend’s house in Shasta – just past mile 1500!  I have a ton of posts just waiting to be uploaded but I have had zero cell service and I’ve been in all these tiny towns with no wifi.  Here’s a quick synopsis before I can upload the in depth stuff:


Left the Sierras (unfortunately!)

The hike from Tuolumne Meadows (where the JMT ends) to Sonora Pass was excruciatingly boring compared to the gorgeous High Sierras

45 miles before Sonora Pass I fell while crossing a river and busted my knee up (ouch)

Made it to Sonora Pass but got off trail there and hitched to Reno to mend in a cheap casino hotel with all you can eat buffets 

After 3 days off, the swelling was gone and I was good to go again (yay!)

I passed the halfway point (big yay!)

Ever since Tahoe I’ve been hiking like a mad woman.  For the past two weeks I’ve averaged 25 miles a day including town stops.  I hiked my first 30+ mile days.  

I’m planning to keep up the pace for a little while longer so I can get out of California, finally.


Thats where I’m at now, more posts to come soon.





2 responses to “Checking In

  1. K2 I have a photo of you on the trail near Paynes Lake in the Russian Wilderness on the way to Etna Summit on the morning of 7/27. Let me know how to get it posted to you. Good Travels! -TripsAFoot (Scott)

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