Day 15 – Wind!

19.1 miles today
210.9 miles total
Very windy ridge to Ziggy and The Bear’s

I needed a day like today after a challenging day like yesterday.


I “woke up” at 5:30 to be ready to hike at 6 with 10K. I’m not really sure how much I actually slept last night, but it wasn’t much. Our nice tentsite below snow level in the pine needles quickly became a strong wind tunnel. Luckily, I had heavily weighted the stakes of my tent with huge rocks, but even though none of my stakes came loose, my tent was still almost flat in the crazy wind. My flat tent, combined with the sound of cuben fiber flapping near my ear, and fears of trees falling on me, kept me up practically the whole night.


But! 6 o’clock came around and I was happily up and at em. Hiking in the wind is much easier than trying to sleep in the wind, after all.

Today was one long descent, from 8000ft to the low point on the trail in California around 1200ft. But it was graded so well that it didn’t hurt nearly as much as it could have. Although, ask my knees tomorrow.

I had hiked almost 10 miles by 10 o’clock and reached the 200 mile mark earlier than I expected. By an early lunch I had hiked 14 miles and wasn’t too beat.


The end of the day was a long 5 mile stretch across the desert floor. At the base of the hills across the valley is a trail angels’ house, Ziggy and The Bear. I made it there, 19 miles later, by 3pm!

Right when you walk in you get the introduction. You sign in, they take your photo, they give you a required epsom salt foot bath before you can shower. And then from there I just lounged. We ate salad (hydrated food!) and ice cream and caught up with hikers we hadn’t seen for a few days or just met. It is so perfect here.


It’s late now, and I’m not sure how I’ll ever be able to leave this place tomorrow. I’m resisting the urge to zero here with my sights set on the next town a few days away – Big Bear.

All up hill again from here, and it’s gettin’ hot. Do I sound like a broken record yet? Up, down, up, down, hot.



2 responses to “Day 15 – Wind!

  1. I enjoy your courage no matter what’s ahead. We share that. I move to Utah on the 28th. Great journey Love!!!! Cheryl

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