Day 9 – Good Intentions

17 miles today
148.8 miles total
Dry creek bed to random tentsite

Just after I woke up this morning, I heard Sock Pot’s voice outside my tent. He had already hiked the 5 miles from Mike’s place and it was just after 6am. We talked for a minute and he told me that he decided to for sure go to Kick Off, so it looks like we’ll be hitching down there together.


I decided early on to make it an easy day and only hike 13 miles. I had 20 miles to get to the road, but I could do some of that tomorrow. I took a bunch of long breaks today to beat the sun and rest. But by the time I got to a water cache at mile 12, it was only 3 o’clock and I felt strong.

I decided to aim for the next good camp spot 17 miles in instead. After a long afternoon and a big climb, I’m camped only a few miles from the road. My feet are definitely not happy with me, and could have used an easier day, but I’ll be sitting at the Paradise Valley Cafe eating eggs and pancakes by 8am tomorrow. And then it’s 3 days off of hiking for Kick Off, so my feet will get their rest if they can hold out another few miles.


I hiked today with James and Emily a brother/sister duo from near Seattle. I’ve been hiking right around them for a few days, but we hadn’t met until now. I keep meeting more and more hikers from the Pacific Northwest, we really represent out here!




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