Day 8 – Mike’s Place

16.8 miles today
131.8 miles total
Agua Caliente Creek to a dry creek

Today was unique because it was the first day that I hiked alone. It’s amazing to believe that for the past 7 days I’ve been around so many people that I hardly ever hike on my own. This community is huge! But it felt good to set my own pace, break when I needed and set up camp anytime.


My feet felt fresh this morning after a long town stay in Warner Springs. Without realizing it I had hiked 6 miles by 9am. There’s a trail angel, Mike Herrera, who has a house out in these hills, so I had high hopes to make it there for lunch.

I ended up doing the first 12 miles to his house by 12:30 and showed up just in time to eat the last sliver of pizza they had cooked. His house was definitely a hiker hangout. There were coolers of beer and soda, a game of horseshoes happening and a guitar/harmonica jam session.


By the time I made it there, my feet were looking a little rough. I’m fortunate to say that I have *no blisters* (I almost shouldn’t say anything because I don’t want to jinx it). I had a few early on in the hike that went away when I started wearing toe socks under my lightweight wool socks. But, now I think the toe socks are causing my feet to swell. It’s all a big game of trial and error I guess.

But, because of all that (and the beer and the horseshoes…) I stayed at Mike’s for a solid 3 or 4 hours before setting out.


I made it 5 more miles before calling it an early night. I’m in no rush right now because I’m just trying to get to the highway near Idyllwild in 2 days and it’s 20 miles from here.

From there I’ll be looking to hitch a ride back down to Lake Morena, where I camped the first night, to attend the Annual Day Zero PCT Kick Off (or ADZPCTKO) over the weekend.

It will be a welcome full 3 days off from hiking to let my body catch up and recover.




3 responses to “Day 8 – Mike’s Place

  1. Yay for some much-deserved R&R! Your trail reports are wonderful! And I feast on the photos you post. You’re traveling with a tribe of fans, K2. Xoxo

  2. when I got to mikes, it was really cold and mike wasn’t at home. A few of us decided to stay in the shack at the back of the property, which we’d find was FULL of rats. I was grateful for the place to stay out of the wind and the cold, but it wasn’t a place to linger when I was there in 2012. It sounds like a fun year down there!

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